If anyone wants to know what viral means, they should talk to Delia Blackburn.

One of the images the photography student produced ended up getting an estimated 100 million hits.

“The image was headlined as stepfather, bride and father,” the LaGrange resident said. “Faster than anyone could imagine with whirlwind force, the image and post escalated into a viral image status, hitting world record numbers that surpassed anyone’s wildest dreams. It’s still a dream.”

Because many news organizations wanted to use the photo, Blackburn took the advice of instructors and had the image copyrighted.

One job is not enough for Delia Blackburn, and LCCC has helped get her photography career off to a strong start.

Her plans include starting a small photography business to provide income for her family while she is doing her RN/BSN clinical.

Blackburn, 39, knows she started out as a novice but is thrilled where her instructors took her.

“I tried my hardest to absorb skills provided through the training and masterminds of the program instructors,” she said. “I had absolutely no idea what an F-Stop was or the importance of lighting in photography. Determined to finish the photography curriculum in three semesters, I made the best scenarios possible considering I would not see daylight for nine months.”

And she experienced tangible success even before she graduates in May 2016 with an associate of science degree, an associate of art degree and a photography certification. She has had five separate images published by different clients in various formats.

Blackburn was awarded “Best in Show” in the 2015 Lorain County Fair for overall photography featuring a young military father walking hand in hand with his 2-year-old son. In total she has had five images published before she graduated.

She credits instructors Bill Vancuran, Greg Little and Dennis Ryan with giving her the confidence to succeed. “These instructors actually prove that they thrive with student success in life,” she said.

Blackburn and her fellow students felt so strongly about the instruction and advice they received from Ryan especially that 12 of them nominated him for Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award – which he won at the 2016 Honors and Awards Convocation on May 4.

“This is the only way I knew how to thank him for his mentorship during the most difficult experiences of my new career,” Blackburn said.